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A Level Results Release 2020-2021: What’s Your Options?

According to MOE's website, the date of A-levels results release is tentatively between 19 February 2021 to 23 February 2021.

The A-levels is an important stage of your studying career for every junior college student. It is the point where many teenagers realize important things in life and start taking responsibilities. Many students wonder what the next step is, once they have cleared this stage. The answer may vary between each student and depends upon what they want to do.

Your approach towards your studies, university, and work can help you determine what to do next.

Here are some of the things you should consider after finishing your A-levels.


Pursue Further Studies In A University 

University is the next step for students to further their studies. It is essential to research about the University you think will suit your career and what they will offer you according to your grades. You can make sure that the location and tuition fees are suitable for you. It is easy to apply for the best university that suits your interest.

Nowadays, higher studies institutions have online applications that make it convenient. Take a look at the requirements for the entry test and go for it. 

University will help you in enhancing your learning skills and give you a broader vision about your professional life afterward. Deciding on the best university is important for your career as a good university can lead you towards a better option regarding work and internships.

Once you have completed your A level, you can go to a university as soon as the admissions are open. Delaying your application is not recommended as most of the top universities have limited accepted applications and you do not want to miss that.

Your time at a university will provide you with the best skills and qualifications for your life ahead. You can select the degree that will help you in choosing your career. This way, you can complete your studies and start focusing on your goals.

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Go Overseas

If you think you need to go study abroad after A level then you should go for it. Sometimes you may feel like the universities in your country are not offering you the subjects or the level of education you are seeking to get. In this case, many students decide to study in foreign countries to study the selected subjects or get a higher standard of education. Search for the best university that is offering you the desired courses and degrees.

List down the things you will need to get going and settle in a different country. Prepare yourself and your family before leaving your home and country to achieve your goals. By applying to a foreign university in another country, you can experience new things in your life.

If your grades are good then it is possible that you can get the scholarship and you will just need to pay for your living expense there. Brilliant students are what reputable universities around the world look for.

If you think you are one of the brilliant students then don’t go for some ordinary university that is not offering you the field you are looking for. Apply to a highly ranked, reputable, foreign university that values you and your career options. It is also important to consider the country and city your dream university is located in.

Visit our University Rankings page to find out which university would meet your expectations.


Get Work Experience

Once you have completed your A level, you can also go for a job and get some experience. You can train yourself in other fields without the need for another degree. Employment can give a chance to meet new people, build confidence, and increase your social network.

Getting a job can also help you in choosing a particular job for your career as well. Start hunting for different jobs or internships after completing your A level as this can be the perfect opportunity to get some exposure. You can take online training and become a professional in some online work as well. Many students opt for blogs and start freelancing from the comfort of their homes. Finding internship jobs in Singapore is quite easy to do, given the many job portals online.

Make a good resume and write down all your skills and experiences in it. You should also compile all your certificates and take them with you for an interview. An internship gives you the opportunity to work in a company or a particular field to gain experience and that can be the perfect option for you to get going in the field. You can even try an internship at a reputable organization and enhance your skills.

In this way, you can get work experience that will help you in your further selection of jobs. You can easily search for the job online and can see which companies and places are waiting eagerly to hire young people like you. If you think you can start your own business with your creative ideas then do not waste time and go ahead. Starting to work at an early stage of life can help you in learning new things and open great opportunities for you.  


Retake A Level

The A-Levels can be the gateway to your next step in life. The nervousness and tension are over after you see your result but what if you did not get the expected grade or want to improve a good grade to a better one. In such a case, you can also opt to retake your exams and aim for a better grade.

The A-level results are essential to get admission in a good university and it is completely fine if you are looking to get an improvement. You can also go for a retake if you wish to give more subjects or want to change your subjects according to your interests.

If you think your grades are not giving you good cut-off points for university admissions then the option of a retake is still available to improve your grades.

After the A Level results are released in February 2021, you can retake your exams during the examination series later this year. Prepare yourself - hire a qualified A-level tutor, study hard to get good grades this time. Once you have achieved good results, you can go ahead with your plans for further studying.

To understand more, read our article: Should you retake the A levels? Here are your options


Do Courses And Assessment Tests 

After completing your A level you can do different courses or take internationally recognized assessment exams. You can go for cooking, dancing, singing, sports, or even learn different languages. In this way, you can discover more about your interest and what you wish to do in the future. Computer-related courses can also be really productive and teach a lot of things in this age of technology.

Learning new things and exploring more about the activities surrounding you is an important part of life. You can gain confidence and meet new people throughout this journey. These courses can enhance your skills and can help you prepare for different activities in your universities. We compiled a complete guide to enrichment classes: Coding, Art, Language & more, to give you an overview of what you can learn.

You can also take classes and take assessment tests that will help you in getting admission to the university. If you think your grades are not good or you want to go abroad to study further, you can also go for tests such as SATs and IELTS exams. These Assessment tests will help you in getting admission to a reputable university with ease. Take classes, buy some books, and learn the entire syllabus thoroughly to get good scores. Prepare yourself for these tests and try your best to score well.


Take A Gap Year 

Another option for students after completing A level is a gap year. You can take a gap year to give yourself a little space and take a break from your studies for some time. Studies can be stressful at times and it is essential to relax after finishing your A level. You can utilize this time and start working on your own project and go for a dream vacation that you have always dreamt about. Working for a social cause is also a good idea as it will also be a good point added to your CV that will show how focused you are towards others. This can also help you realize your goals in life and prepare a plan to work for those achievements. 

Going for a trip and exploring the world can be a refreshing experience and help you relax your mind. Traveling alone or with a group can be a once in a lifetime experience as it can help in building your character. You can learn many important things during your gap year and reevaluate your approach towards your studies and career. You can also spend some valuable time with your friends and family. Participate in different activities that will boost your mind and can help you in the future. The skills you learn this year will be beneficial for your professional and educational life.


Many students can be extremely indecisive after their A level and it is completely normal. This is something millions of students around the world face. However, it is essential to stay focused and committed to whatever you wish to do. You can go for any of the above and layout the plan for your life ahead.

Think carefully and make your decision and you will surely reach your goals.

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