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Computing Lessons

Take computing lessons to boost your technical know-how!

Just bought a new computer? Want to learn how to use Facebook or Twitter?

Take up computing lessons in the comfort of your home!

Or, if you are thinking of getting a tutor for your child, then you are at the right place too! Teaching a kid computer basics is almost as important as teaching him to read and write. The earlier your child learn the basics, the quicker he/she can learn more advanced concepts. Our tutors have also taught adults who wish to learn basic computing skills like using a Mac, tablet, smartphones or Microsoft Office programs to edit documents and spreadsheets.

Some of our students also come from polytechnics or universities who are taking a bachelor or diploma in Computer Science, Computer Programming etc, and need assistance with their projects or assignments to be handed in as their final assessments.

The benefits of private tuition as compared to computer schools will definitely be better as the learning speed is higher due to the low teacher-student ratio. A private tutor can also be your friend and mentor. Learn computing the fun way with us now!

Tutor City provides specialist tutors covering many topics from basic computing, Microsoft Office to advanced programming languages. Some of the topics are listed below.

1.  Introduction to Computing Skills (PC or Macintosh)
2.  Microsoft Word - Basic / Intermediate / Advanced
3.  Microsoft Excel - Basic / Intermediate / Advanced
4.  Microsoft Powerpoint - Basic / Intermediate / Advanced
5.  Microsoft Access - Basic / Intermediate / Advanced
6.  Creating Web Pages Using HTML and Style Sheets
7.  Flash
8.  Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator
9.  3D Modelling (3D Max)
10. D Modelling (3D Rhino)
11. C Programming
12. C++ Programming

Struggling with one of the subjects? Seek help now!