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Group Tuition in Singapore

Should you go for group tuition in Singapore?

Group tuition is a common practice in Singapore, where usually 2 to 5 students get together and have a private tutor coach them in a common subject. It can take place in one student's place or a common area such as a cafe, restaurant, community centre, resident's centre, shopping centre or a HDB void deck, anywhere that is quiet and offers a peaceful surrounding.

Another place whereby group tuition is heavily organised is in tuition centres. The centre's principal will normally find a tutor or ex-teacher to teach at specific time slots, and advertise in posters or flyers for the available groups of tuition. As the group size gradually builds up, the tutor will be paid in an escalating tuition rate.

Why do students organise group tuition?

1. Group tuition will normally reduce the tuition rate of each individual student as the total cost is shared among the group.

2. Another advantage is that having tuition together with friends is not as dull as one-to-one tuition. There is more interaction among the tutor and students and the atmosphere tend to be lighter. Typical subjects which are more dull are content-heavy such as Geography, History or Literature.

3. There is a certain level of peer pressure when it comes to studying together as nobody likes to be left behind. This will motivate each student to work harder so as to do better than his friends.

4. Sometimes, if one student doesn’t understand what the tutor said, the others try to help rephrase the solution, promoting greater understanding and instils a sense of cohesiveness among the group.

What’s the disadvantage of group tuition?

The main downside is that everyone has to be punctual and attend the lesson. Often, this entails personal sacrifice for some students to meet the time of the group.

The larger the group, the more difficult it is to find a common timing for everyone.More oftern than not, students end up being frustrated when handling last minute changes in the timings and the tutor will also give up the tuition if there are frequent changes to the schedule.

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