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Does your child need Home Tuition Singapore?

Tutoring is receiving guidance and solution by a tutor that occurs at home. Singapore education system is one of the best and toughest in the world. As the difficulty increases, students are facing high level of stress in coping with their studies. And parents are getting more eager to enrol their child for Home Tuition, just to ensure that their child excel in their studies. Parents often questioned themselves whether Home Tuition or Tuition Centres is better for their child?

Tuition Centres are definitely cheaper than Home Tuition.

Tutors will be teaching a group of students in class. The lessons are more structured and followed a fixed time-table. Tutors will not be able to divert all the focus to one student. This means that students with a slower pace will not be able to catch up with the rest, in return leads to ineffective learning outcomes. Since there will be students from different school, it allows for comparison of your child’s performance which can provoke competition and encourage students to do well. With a large class size, it limits each student’s opportunity to participate and hence benefit from the discussion.

Apart from cost, parents needs to know the many other benefits that Home Tuition Singapore provides for their child, which can be cost benefitting. The main benefit of Home Tuition is that the tutor will be able to divert all the attention to the student. This helps to meet the student’s needs as they are able to ask and clear all their doubts and questions. More importantly, tutors will be able to pay attention to the student’s weakness and deal with any learning difficulties. It is known that every student have their own pace of learning. Some may process slower than the other. Hence, Home Tuition allows for personalised timing according to the student’s pace. The other important benefit will be the timing. As everyone value time, Home Tuition can help save any unnecessary travelling time which can be better used to revise school work, etc. Unlike the fixed timetables given by the tuition centres, Home Tuition allows for negotiations of the most suitable timing for the tutors and students. In addition, students who feel the need to increase the lessons, can actually schedule their Home Tuition more days per week.

An advantage of Home Tuition is that it allows for communication between the tutors and students.

This encourages the students to share their opinions and ideas with the tutors and gain necessary information/ knowledge that may not be taught in school. Another advantage will be that some Home Tutors have their own unique ways to memorise formulas, solve problems or even have the ability to predict questions that might come out during the national exams. This serves to be a great opportunity for the students to strive and do well for their exams.

Tutor City is the right place to find your ideal tutor for your child.

Our tutors are highly specialised and passionate to help your child meet the necessary requirements to do well. We understand your problems and know the importance of helping your child to excel and go into the desired school. In order to assist you in finding the right tutor, please do submit all the necessary requirements and the duration and no. of lessons. We will contact you as soon as possible, once we find the suitable tutor. 

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