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Where To Download Free Exam Papers

Practising is the best method to score well in examinations. The examination pattern, the type of questions asked, distribution of marks, weightage of each question can best be ascertained through practice.

For practice, you may need previous years question papers, mock question-answer series of different schools and more. But, why to spend a cent when you can get them for free.

Here’s a comprehensive list of websites for you to download free top-school exam papers in Singapore:


1. Singapore Exams:

If your child is a Primary student, this is one of the best websites from where free question papers of previous years can be obtained. You may be wondering why FREE?  This website is funded by advertisements. So, question papers for your children can be availed absolutely free. Get him/her prepared well for PSLE.

The site stands good even for tutors to help their students prepare well.

Levels: Primary 1 – Primary 6 Years: 2011 to 2020


2. Test Papers Free:

Types: Continual assessments (CA1, CA2), Semesteral Assessments (SA1, SA2)

Years: 2004 to 2020


3. Primary School Exam Papers:

This website provides free previous year question papers of top 10 primary schools.  Types: Continual assessments (CA1, CA2), Semestral Assessments0 Years: 2006 to 2019


4. Singaporean Chinese Exam Test Papers:

This site also offers free examination papers to be downloaded for Primary levels.

Levels: Primary P1 to P6


5. SG Test Paper:

This site also makes available free test papers for primary level students. Some papers are free, while others are paid.


6. SG Free Papers:

This website provides free examination papers not only for primary schools but also for secondary schools and JC prelims. Free papers can be availed either by registering with the site and then logging in.  Hard copies can be purchased for a reasonable amount. Levels: Primary, Secondary, JC


 7. Exam Paper:

This site also offers some test papers for free, while others for a reasonable cost.

Levels: Secondary, JC


8. SG Past Exam Papers:

This is one of the most simplified websites for previous year question papers for preparing your child for Primary School Examinations. Levels: Primary 1 – Primary 6


9. Raffles Guru:

This website offers sample papers, test papers and worksheets for primary levels that can be availed for practicing and preparing well for PSLE.

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