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Which Singapore Libraries are Kid-Friendly?

Have you ever considered taking your child to the library? Probably not.

Every time you ask your children where they would like to go for a celebration, the answer is either the playground, some theme park, or just to get some ice cream. Children are typically uninterested in places such as libraries – but that needs to change now.

If you think your child has been to enough malls and parks, it is time to switch things up a little and take them to a public library.

To your surprise, there are many libraries in Singapore that cater to children directly. From kid-friendly books to planned activities such as puppet shows, libraries are beginning to set a whole new standard for child entertainment.

Here is a list of the four best libraries that you can visit with your children:

1. Central Public Library

Where to Find It: #B1-01 National Library, 100 Victoria St, Singapore 188064

When to Visit: Any day of the week, between 10 am and 9 pm.

For More Information:

If your child is a hands-on learner, then this library may be the perfect getaway for them. For many children, reading books is boring. Their attention spans are low, and they always tend to find something more interesting to focus on than the book in their hand.

At the Central Public Library, there is no getting bored. The library places a special emphasis on protecting the environment and even creates special shows for children to learn about the environment. You can count on the interactive staff to keep your child engaged in various activities – including the ‘My Tree House’ section of the library which is the world’s first green library for kids.

A trip to the Central Public Library is not just for the kids, but for you as well. They have an impressive range of library books to explore, and their self-checkout borrowing station just makes it so much easier to take a book home. Once you find something interesting for yourself, remember to check out the Kids’ section where you can find a range of different fictional stories for your kids to enjoy.

If you want to transform this simple trip to the library into an unforgettable learning experience, you can always ask the staff to enlighten your kids about the various different ways of environment protection. There are many different sections of the library allocated to specific environmental topics, and the staff would be happy to take your children through each one. As they learn about the environment, they may just develop a newfound love for the library itself.

2. Singapore Sports Hub Library

Where to Find It: 4 Stadium Walk, Singapore Sports Hub, Singapore 397697

When to Visit: Any day of the week, between 10 am and 8 pm.

For More Information: Sports Hub Library

Most children are interested in sports. Whether that’s just bouncing a ball around or some actual cricket, sports tend to serve as a fun form of entertainment for kids. If you want to help your kids learn more about the world of sports, the Singapore Sports Hub Library is certainly the perfect place to visit.

As the name suggests, this library focuses on a unique selection of reading material that revolves around sports and active lifestyles. You can find biographies about the most famous people in sports – be it Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali. Apart from sports, you can also find some inspiring material related to business and leadership, medicine, and even healthcare.

While the Singapore Sports Hub Library tries to include other genres in their collection of books as well, there is no lie in saying that there are many other libraries that you can turn to for that. For this library, sports are the priority.

What makes this library unique and interesting is that they include games, movies, and other fun resources that are available for kids. If your child is already interested in sports, they are likely to have a great time at this library.

To add to their sports theme, the Singapore Sports Hub Library also has a separate section which interactive sports where the whole family can engage in a game. This can be a great activity to try with your children. Another unique activity offered by the library is their storytelling sessions on the weekend.

3. Bishan Public Library

Where to Find It: 5 Bishan Place, #01-01, Singapore 579841

When to Visit: Any day of the week, between 10 am and 9 pm.

For More Information: Bishan Library

Going to the library can be a fun weekend outing for the whole family. If you are looking for a place where the kids can enjoy alongside of the adults, you can take the whole family down to the Bishan Public Library.

Being a public library, the entire place is huge. There are 5 different levels to the library, with each area being allocated for a specific age group. This is great for the whole family as the kids can enjoy themselves in the basement, while the adults find their favorite books in the parenting section.

Since many kids appreciate books but are easily distracted, the Bishan Public Library caters to this need by having a kids play area in the same place as the kids’ section books. Your child can easily alternate between reading and playing – making the entire experience as fun as it could be.

Notably, the Bishan Public Library is one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. It has a stunning architectural design, and there are enough entrances for natural light to keep you feeling refreshed as you decide on a book to read.

4. Tampines Regional Library

Where to Find It: 31 Tampines Avenue 7, Singapore 529620

When to Visit: Any day of the week, between 10 am and 9 pm.

For More Information: Tampines Library

If you enjoy taking a trip down memory lane, you can visit the Tampines Regional Library – one of the oldest libraries of Singapore. With their recent relocation and renovation, the library no longer has an ancient aesthetic. Instead, they included various sections and activities that each person in the family can fully enjoy.

The Tampines Regional Library has an exquisite collection of reading and audio materials. Whether you prefer biographies or science fiction, there is something for evierybody at Tampines. For the kids, there is a separate section dedicated to kid-friendly books with informative lessons and fun stories.

If reading is not how you want to spend your family outing, then you can still visit Tampines because they have interesting areas such as a culinary studio, a playground for your kids to enjoy, and even a hardware lab for the budding engineers. If you are somebody who loves the gym, then you can bring your exercise to the library with the library’s 700m running track and stationary bikes.

For a fun adventure with your kids, we suggest trying the rock-climbing wall or having a little swimming race in the pool. There are also regularly scheduled events held at Tampines Regional Library, so you can always check whether your family can sign up for an exhibition or storytelling session.

You can also see a list of our recommendations on what are the best books to read now!


Taking Your Kids to the Library

If you are still wondering whether a trip to the library would be fun for your children, here are five great reasons to plan your weekend outing:

1. Library visits encourage reading.

All parents want their kids to read their books and complete their homework. Since scientific research suggests that reading in the first five years of life plays a huge role in brain development, it is important to encourage your child to read books that spark their interest. When you constantly make trips to the local library, your child is more likely to develop an interest in reading.

You may also know that the enduring power of printed textbooks vs E-books makes a good reason to encourage your child to read more.

2. Libraries are free.

While there are many kinds of entertainment present in the modern world, they are all pretty expensive. Since your children continuously need something fun to do, taking a trip to the library is a great option since it is free. Even if your child wants to take a book home, you can always just issue it from the library instead of purchasing an original copy.

3. New Books = New Vocabulary

Do you want your child to perform well in this year’s English class or win the upcoming spelling bee? The library may help you achieve that. Most library staff is well-versed in the world of children’s books, and they may have remarkably interesting suggestions for your kid. By reading new types of books and learning brand new information, your child can actively learn new vocabulary and expand their mind.

4. Libraries can be fun, too.

If your child is always looking for something fun to do in the real or virtual world, it is time to take them down to the library. You may think that spending time at the library means being quiet and only reading, but libraries have evolved over time to become more active than passive. Many libraries in Singapore now offer exclusive sessions for children where they can watch their stories come to life – be it costume shows, storytelling sessions, or even puppet shows.

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