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How much do Maths tutors charge?
The average hourly fees for Math tuition ranges from $20 per hour to $130 per hour, depending on the tutor's credentials, experience and the level to teach.


Tuition Rates
Per Hour

tutors 1




$15 - $25

$25 - $40

$40 - $50

Primary / PYP

$20 - $30

$30 - $40

$50 - $70

Secondary / MYP

$25 - $40

$40 - $50

$60 - $90


$40 - $60

$60 - $80

$90 - $130

Degree & Diploma

$50 - $60

$60 - $80

$90 - $120

Music / Piano 2

$30 - $40

$50 - $60

$60 - $70

Adult Language 3

$40 - $50

$50 - $60

$70 - $80

1. Includes students in polytechnics, universities and graduates tutoring part-time.
2. Either 45 min or 1 hour lessons. See our music page for details.
3. Language proficiency range from basic to advanced so rates will be quoted upon knowing each learner's needs.
4. For Special Needs education, rates are higher due to specific training and certifications which tutors need to have.  

Why some students find Mathematics to be so tough

Singapore’s mathematics syllabus is getting more and more difficult over the past decade as MOE has been raising the depth and breadth of the topics to be tested, resulting in an increasing demand for Maths Tuition Singapore.

Many students develop a phobia for maths from young and dread the subject all through their years of education. Teachers don't help much either when students are scolded and labeled 'slow learners' which compounds the problem even further.

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Singapore Maths Tuition
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How can a Math tutor help you?

1. Personalised teaching - Home tutors are able to provide a fun and productive learning according to your child’s pace of learning and resolve any doubts in mathematical formulas.

2. Specialists in everything Maths - most Math tuition teachers focus on coaching students from all levels of mathematics, bringing them valuable experience to share with your child.

3. Customised resources - Math tutors provide their own notes and exam papers so you need not buy extra materials.

4. Fun-filled learning experience - Private Math tutors have their own way to enhance the child’s knowledge and confidence by adding fun and flavour to a boring subject.

5. Overcoming shyness - A private Math teacher who is helping your child in a home setting so your child will not be shy in asking more questions. In tuition centres or tuition classes, his friends may laugh at him so he may just clam up.

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What makes a good Math tutor?

1. Customise Teaching Style
Our tutors are attentive to every student's exact study needs and customise their teaching style accordingly. We understand your worries about your child's challenges in tackling mathematical concepts and problem sums, so we have strived to bring together an outstanding team of math teachers in Singapore. Our best math tutoring specialists bring the experience and skill sets to the table, to deliver the results that you want for your child to excel in Maths.

2. 100% Dedication and Focus on your child
In the actual lesson, our tutors' attention is one hundred percent on your child instead of handling a large class size. They teach at your child's pace and do not rush through until your child understand each step of the problem-solving process. They can repeat the solution and prompt your child along the way to ensure full understanding before moving to the next question. They also travel islandwide to Orchard and central areas to suburban towns to provide Maths tuition Yishun, Jurong, Pasir Ris, Woodlands etc.

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How to Find A Math Tutor?

1. Ask your friend or school teacher for recommendations
2. Use online platforms like TeacherOn which has tutors worldwide
3. Search forums and classifieds like Gumtree for freelance tutors
4. Send your kid to a math tuition centre near you.
5. Get a tuition agency to help you shortlist a tutor, such as Tutor City.

This is where many parents have approached Tutor City who is a reputable maths tuition agency in Singapore, having the most number of qualified math tutors specializing in teaching Primary maths tuition, Secondary maths tuition singapore, JC math tuition singapore, IB maths tuition singapore.

Our good math tutors can teach PSLE maths tuition singapore, O-level Elementary Mathematics (E maths), Additional Mathematics (A maths), JC H1 maths H2 maths H3 maths or IGCSE Maths / IB Maths for international students. Hence, finding Maths tuition in Singapore using our agency is great way to start your child in improving your child’s maths scores.

"4 traits of a good maths tutor. What You Should Look Out For" 
"4 traits of a good math tutor, what you should look out for"

When to get a Math tutor for your child?

Ideally, parents should start getting help at the earliest stage the moment a child display signs of struggling. Most often, it begins from primary school and parents will need to get PSLE Maths tuition. Parents need to know that building a solid foundation in maths is crucial in early years to tackle the difficult problems when they sit for PSLE. Thus, getting primary school math tuition singapore is what most school teachers would advise parents to consider from the early stages of education.

In secondary school, students will find the difficulty level to be getting higher and higher, parents will then need to get secondary math tuition to help their child. The A math syllabus and JC math syllabus are increasingly difficult, some parents wait until Secondary 4 and start looking for O level Maths Tuition where it might already be too late!

Students who go on to Junior Colleges will face an even sterner test at the A-levels where they have a choice to take H1 Math or H2 Math or H3 Math. Getting H2 Math tuition is very common as the concepts are advanced and require more rigorous thinking process. Some students who opts for an IB diploma also require our IB maths tutor to help with tackling the IB exams - we have the certified IB Math private tutor who have been through the IB schools in Singapore.

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Not to worry though, Tutor City is the best JC math tuition singapore agency to help your child find a good h2 maths tutor.


Tutor City: The Best Math Tuition Singapore agency

Be it Primary Maths Tuition, PSLE Math Tuition, E Math Tuition and A math tution, O level Maths Tuition, A level Maths Tuition, H2 Maths Tuition, IB Maths Tuition, we have the experts in each stage of your child's education path.
Our qualified and dedicated math tutor can provide 1-to-1 tuition or small group tuition in your house, at your preferred time. No maths problem is too difficult to resolve with our math home tutors at your child’s side.

If you need a good Maths tuition agency which offers experienced tutors, top-notch customer service and affordable tuition rates, you are at the right place. Our professional math tuition teachers can teach at all levels: Primary math tuition, Secondary math tuition, H1 or H2 JC math tuition, IB math or IGCSE math tuition.

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Google Verified Reviews From Our Clients

Grace Ng 2 weeks ago

I was recommended to Tutor City by my aunt. Ben Sen was able to provide me a list of biology tutors within a short period. Not to mention, my tutor was able to explain the various concepts well. A big thank you to Ben Sen!
Fea L. a month ago

Was recommended by friends to Ben Sen/Tutor City. After giving him my criterias for my child’s tutor, I was provided a list of suitable tutors for my consideration very quickly. Ben Sen is also very patient to attend to my multiple queries. My child just started the tuition and so far so good. Thanks Ben Sen! 👍
El Y 2 months ago

I managed to get a high quality tutor from Tutor City for my secondary children, which my children rate to be very helpful. One of them is in an IB school and has been able to improve his grade from 5 to 7. The other is in a top school and he finds her to be very clear in getting him to understand the subject topics.
Annice Wong 2 months ago

Thank you Benson fast response, efficient & professional to help us match with a good tutor. This is 1st time we hired home tutor for my girl. We are very happy with Ms Kelsey.
Buffy Femme 2 months ago

My experience in engaging Tutor City Home Tuition is a breeze. They listened to my requirements and proposed a few tutors for my consideration. My gal is pleased with the tutor and the tutor is patient and can understand my gal's learning difficulties. 😊
Lim Selina 2 months ago

Highly recommended. Sought help from Benson who was friendly, responsive and prompt in replying my enquiries, even after work hrs. Tutor Ms Cynndi has a good attitude, is responsible and experienced. My family likes her. Hope my gals can do well for this year O level. Thank you 🥰
praveen sharma 3 weeks ago

Very well service received and found good teacher. Keep it up.
Jeffrey De Laure a month ago

Very impressed with the excellent tutors available through Tutor City Home Tuition. Would give 10 stars if possible !
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No. You may terminate the tuition at any time if you are dissatisfied with the tutor’s services. You only need to pay for the lessons taught. If you decide to terminate the tuition, please inform us as we gather feedback on our tutors regularly to provide you with the best service.
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